How to choose a garment



No need to change your wardrobe every season. The right piece that will blend into many of our looks is enough. It’s up to you to keep an eye out for the right piece that will work with several pieces in your closet (at least two tops if it’s a bottom and conversely, two pairs of shoes).
This is probably the key to style, what we call “a signature”. Seize a trend and incorporate it, by touch, in your look, your “self”. Update it. Personalize it.


Have a breakfast


Still too many athletes do not eat breakfast. The importance of carbohydrate and protein intake at breakfast determines the course of the day. If the intake is too low, alertness, attention and concentration will drop, partly due to hypoglycemia. These phenomena are more pronounced if the time between breakfast and lunch is too long or if you train at noon. The good progress of the sports session will be affected as well as the recovery at the end of the activity. The next meal will not be able to compensate for the deficiencies caused by a lack of breakfast.


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Using an agenda


Paper or digital version, the diary is a very practical and useful tool in the daily life in order to plan the various tasks that we have to accomplish. You can note your personal appointments (medical, beauty, …), professional appointments (meetings, …), events, your schedules, children’s activities, …