Music is your passion or you want to pursue your career in music, but you do not have time to go to classes, or your moves are restricted because of the pandemic. There are various ways you can catch up with your learning and practice with the help of the internet. Technology also has made it easy to have new interactive and advanced methods to smooth your learning curve.

Learning Music with Apps

Apps are the latest trends to learn and master an instrument. It allows you to have repetitive practice at any time. Apps are a serious option for accomplishing your goals while keeping you engaged. They keep you motivated with notifications and encourage you to participate in your learning process.

Metronaut app is an app specialised in learning an instrument irrespective of your level of learning. It has courses for beginners as well as for experts. You just need to download the App; choose your instrument from the various options; your level and you can start. Here are various features available:

  • You can choose the way you want your learning experience to be. For example, do you need to have a ‘listening mode’ whereby you just listen to the piece or ‘performance mode’ where you play at the speed of your choice.
  • Choose the tempo you are comfortable with
  • Choose from the various practice tools available: such as Recordings, displays options etc
  • Find various worksheets where you can watch the sheets and listen to them at the same time.
  • You choose what you want to learn

Apps are a means to have that additional effort and practice that some students might be missing out on. Thus, getting additional practice sessions to learn certain concepts in a more fun way rather than just reading a book. 

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Learning with YouTube Videos Tutorial

The most common way to learn is through YouTube tutorials videos. You just need to have a good internet connection and an electronic device such as a phone or tablet. Type on the search bar and learn the instrument you want freely. There are specific channels which you can subscribe to for more updates. The choice is vast on Youtube, but despite the wealth of information, you might need a tutor to enhance your skills.

Sign for an online course

You can have online courses to learn the evolution of music from classical music to contemporary ones. The syllabuses are designed to provide an overview of music components and what are the basic musical compositions such as rhythm, melody, texture, etc and how is it working in modern days?  

There are many courses online available on the internet designed to facilitate your learning. You just need to find the right one for you. Noting that online learning has certain advantages. For example, they are self-paced and flexible.

Learn through music tools such as:

Music-making software 

You can use Music production software to polish your skills. You just need to record yourself and evaluate it through the software. The software contains effects, synthesizers, and much more in a single platform. There are some free music making software but they have less benefits but still you can learn from it.

Ear Training

This is about developing an ear for connecting music with your mind. The more you understand the connection with chords, scales, pitches and intervals, the less you will use music sheets. This will help you to create an instinct for improvising.

To conclude

Learning music is about repetitive learning and practice. The more you practice, the better you get. Nowadays learning is not restricted to face to face classes but also there are many facilities available to facilitate your learning process. Online courses or apps are designed to provide additional support.