If you have never watched any Bollywood movie, then I suggest you watch it now. Even if you don’t understand Hindi, you can still watch it with subtitles.



Find below is a list of Bollywood comedy movie that you need to watch


Phir Hera Pheri

This is about three men trying to get rich under any circumstances.  In this movie, you will find the three-man have different characters, and each of them releases funny dialogues when needed.  This movie contains a lot of comedy, from the dialogues to the action they do.


There are four different parts of the movie Golmaal. The casting in all the four Golmaal almost the same people, but the stories are other. Each of them delivers its unique comedy scenes. Indeed, out of the so many comedy scenes in the movie, you will laugh a lot of times.

Good Newzz

Good Newzz is all about two couples.  Both the ladies wanted to get pregnant but were not able to get pregnant after trying so hard.  Since they were so desperate to become pregnant, they went to a doctor and opted for IVF.  

However, things changed when the doctor called them for an emergency checkup. There has been an incident in the doctor’s laboratory. Both the ladies were pregnant but not with their husband’s sperm but with the other one sperm.  Watch how funnily the story gets unveiled.

Garam Masala

Garam Masala is all about a man cheating on his three different fiancees under the same roof.  The guy has three girlfriends and each of them works for different airlines as an air hostess. The guy was very cautious that the girls don’t end up meeting each other.  However, when the movie gets moving, the guy starts having problems handling three different girls. Watch how funnily the story unveils.