Currently across the community development sector many good organisations are experiencing difficult times. Complex factors are at play, and while Urban Seed does not seek federal funding, changes in federal government policies have led to grants and charitable trusts becoming increasingly competitive.

As a result, In June we were unable to continue the positions of several quality staff who were directly linked to the co-ordination of Credo Cafe. For the short term, we have been forced to suspend the hosting of regular lunches at Credo Café in the CBD.

However despite these recent challenges, Urban Seed continues to say ‘The City is Our Home’. Lunches are but one part of Urban Seed in the City and there are many spaces of welcome still in operation right here in the City and beyond. In fact over the last decade Urban Seed has replicated the principles and practices of Credo Cafe in several other locations around Victoria. Currently Geelong, Bendigo, St Albans and Wangaratta are also places where Urban Seed is creating home for all. We are stable, yet primary homelessness is on the rise in Melbourne and for Urban Seed to flourish in the City our long term strategy must be to diversify our sources of income by increasing partnerships and developing social enterprise. The principles of our community development practice will stay rock solid.

We are therefore in a phase of re-dreaming and renewal. We believe there is potential for greater partnership between us that has tangible benefits for Urban Seed, your school, and our community members who experience homelessness and disadvantage. We invite you into the process of renewal here at Urban Seed.

In May this year, when our staff and board members had reached the limits of our current resource base, it was suggested that we send a special fundraising appeal letter out to schools to ask for donations to help us through this season. However, we decided not to ask our schools. Why? Because we believe our future depends on viewing the relationship between your school and Urban Seed in terms of mutuality, not charity.

So, during the September holidays and Term 4 we invite you to meet with us, to discuss where our work intersects with yours, and how Urban Seed can add value to what we offer your school. For instance, how could the new experiences that Urban Seed is currently developing assist you with curriculum outcome challenges and/or classroom culture issues? What volunteering opportunities for your students could we offer, that could also be helpful to Urban Seed’s renewal? How can we make our bookings process easier for you? Coffee is on us!

If you have time for a phone call, or even to catch up over a coffee or lunch, we would love to hear from you via or 03 9663 0699. Or, simply reply to the original email with the word ‘Interested!’ and we will contact you. 

We are excited to be going into a season of growth and renewal. We would love to partner with you! Thanks for your support. 

Urban Seed Youth & Schools Team.