Volunteers are the life-blood of Urban Seed. Our volunteers not only do a fabulous job getting essential tasks done but contribute significantly to the vibrancy of our communities.

Urban Seed volunteers give anywhere between two days a week and two hours a fortnight to their work. Each is characterised by a real desire to connect with people who are struggling, and a willingness to come alongside and journey with others, in a shared experience of transformation. 
Different ways that volunteers have contributed to Urban Seed’s work include:

First and foremost, joining our groups within their specific neighbourhoods, getting to know us and becoming a part of one of our communities.
·       Helping to cook or clean up in the Longroom
·       Administration assistance
·       Technology support and advice
·       Writing content for website, e-newsletters and more
·       Creating useful multi-media for our engagement work
·       Running workshops and facilitating discussions
·       Assisting in the Credo Art Space
·       Assisting at the People’s Pantry in Norlane
·       Event organisation
·       Acts of advocacy and solidarity
·       Biblical action/reflection

…and more.
Note also that Residency is a live-in program for volunteers, for our community development projects in Norlane, St Albans and the Melbourne CBD.
If you are interested in volunteering, contact volunteers@urbanseed.org.