Exciting new beginnings in the CBD!  — Urban Seedlings: A Farm at the end of the laneway…

We will transform Level 1 of Central House into The Green Room — a productive indoor urban farm at the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.  Harnessing the sustainable economy of plant propagation and aquaponics, we will cultivate new relationships between people and plants.  This garden will emerge as a place for education, hospitality, micro-enterprise, and beauty.

In The Green Room, we will grow plants from cuttings and seeds, both ornamental and edible. This verdant and fertile space will host small-scale, intensive production and experimentation allowing people to witness interdependent relationships between plants, soil, bacteria, fish and worms.  Training in business, local economy and indoor ecology will be based on the abundant capacity inherent in plant life.  The low cost production from this abundance will create sustainable revenue streams.  Just like Urban Seed, the Urban Seedlings initiative is built on the values of generosity, hospitality, sustainability, education, interdependence and beauty.  It incorporates best practice in place-making and community development.

Why here?  Why now? — This is a time for re-imagining what is possible in the CBD — a changing global neighbourhood.  In a culture of increasing alienation between people and the environment, this initiative will build a new set of diverse social and economic relationships with plants as hosts.  With the looming reality of food insecurity, a model of sustainable indoor food production is significant to our present and future access to food.  The application of the quadruple bottom line (people, planet, profit and purpose) will demonstrate an almost infinite capacity for doing good from a small, social enterprise initiative.  Urban Seedlings will foster a broad social fabric of neighbours – CBD residents, students, businesses, and people experiencing disadvantage and exclusion – bringing connection, health, and stability to a place.  We hope to be up and running in the first quarter of 2018 but stay tuned for updates and an open house gathering later this year.  Please feel free to contact Geoff and Sherry Maddock with any questions or offers of partnership.  They are looking out for indoor plants, aquarium equipment, growing supplies, and all manner of things gardeny.