Urban Partners: transformation, together

Urban Partners are people who are helping communities go from disadvantage to transformation, by giving to Urban Seed every month. You can give any amount: $10, $30, $50, $100 or…well, there are really no limits!

Here is what your monthly donations will be doing:


The kitchens of Credo Café (Melbourne CBD) and the Longroom (Norlane, Geelong) are transforming raw ingredients into community. Contribute to community spaces that are breaking down social barriers through jokes and stories told over hot meals. Walk with Urban Seed as we support people to grow in skills and confidence. And always – feel free to come by yourself for a meal!

Street Outreach

Urban Seed is walking the streets of Melbourne with blankets, soup and hot chocolate. We are gently building relationships with the people who spend their time there. Your support will enable us to welcome our new friends into the Credo community, opening the door to belonging, healing and hope for the future.

Community Transformation

Marginalised women supporting one another to health and wholeness. A Geelong community meeting its own needs by forming a food co-op.  Street artists running art classes for others experiencing disadvantage. Children banding together to plan a better future for their community. People experiencing long-term homelessness and disadvantage finding healing, hope & justice. This is the work we invite you to be a part of!

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