Urban Seed has a passionate and talented team of Staff, Residents and Board Members. 



David Wilson


David has had extensive experience in bringing people from various backgrounds, agendas and places to positions of unity in order to achieve common goals.  He began his working life on the streets of St Kilda working with people experiencing homelessness, drug addiction and prostitution. He then studied Theology and Social Science and gained a doctorate in Pastoral Care and Counselling.  He was Principal of Kingsley College for 17 years and founded the Kingsley Counselling Centre.

He was a City of Melbourne Councillor with the Community Services portfolio for 5 years; worked with government and business and has been president of Residents 3000, the political voice of people living in Melbourne's CBD.  Most recently he has been the Director of the Bible Society’s Sophia Think Tank, promoting engagement with Scripture for personal and social transformation through public theology and advocacy.


Mayra Stark

Youth & Schools Manager

Mayra has been hanging around Urban Seed since completing the Praxis Youth Work course in 2007. She has spent time as Youth Worker in the Edge Program since 2008 and was excited to take on the role of Youth and Schools Coordinator in 2012. She is passionate about young people, social justice (raising awareness) and living in community. She also loves traveling and exploring new cultures, being healthy, taking pictures and reading a good book. She lives in Melbourne’s inner west as part of Footscray Salvos Community with her husband Cam, and pet dog Paris and cat Otto.

Sherry Maddock

Team Leader, Melbourne CBD

Sherry is an urban gardener, a neighbourhood development worker, and a transplant from Lexington, Kentucky. With her husband, Geoff, and son, Isaac, she lives at Central House in Melbourne's CBD, serving a residential community life together and engaging nearest neighbourhoods for common good initiatives. She graduated from seminary in 2001 with an M.A. in Intercultural Studies and has worked for almost 20 years in inner city mission, alongside people on the margins. She loves plants and books.

Geoff Maddock

Team Leader, Melbourne CBD

Geoff is a photographer, community development worker, and alongside his wife, Sherry, Team Leader at Central House. Originally from Yackandandah he studied criminology at Melbourne Uni, and in 1998 went to the United States to work on his MA in Intercultural Studies. After 18 years in Kentucky he moved with his family back to Australia to love and serve Melbourne's inner city neighbourhood. 



Simon has been exploring community living for more than a decade in some of Australia's most disadvantaged suburbs. Simon joined Urban Seed in Norlane in 2012 with his wife Kaylene and their two boys Barwon and Jarrah, in order to live out their passions for community development and transformation. Simon is excited about exploring how to live out the Gospel in neighborhoods experiencing disadvantage and draws on his studies in social work, theology and his current masters. Simon's other passions include the peace movement where he is involved as a activist and a nonviolence educator, as well as growing his own food and sees the neighborhood as one big potential garden.




Kaylene joined Urban Seed as a resident in Norlane at the beginning of 2012 after spending a year living and working in Alice Springs. She is loving getting to know the community through helping out with Long Room community meals, as well as knitting and sewing her way through craft group. She lives in the local neighbourhood with her husband Simon and her 3 gorgeous children and looks forward to all the future may bring in her new home town.

Amber Toms

Volunteer Coordinator 

Amber lives on site as part of the GraceTree Baptist Community in Coburg with her husband, 2 young daughters, a number of others in the community, their frogs and some chickens. She enjoys gardening and growing food, cooking and eating, reading, creating and sleeping (although she hasn’t had the chance to really get into that in depth for at least 4 years!) As well as working on ways to facilitate places of welcome and making cups of tea.

Amber first became acquainted with Urban Seed through Credo Café in 2002 when her now husband, Paul, became a Mission Associate. She spent many hours at Urban Seed during that time and the years following and then in 2010 they lived as Mission Associates again as a married couple. After having less involvement with Urban Seed over the following years, she was really excited to be invited to assist Urban Seed by facilitating the development of the Volunteer Program.

Jake Doleschal

Engagement Co-ordinator

Communications co-Ordinator

A Mornington Peninsula local at heart, Jake enjoys all things beach. Passionate about social change, Jake is interested in supporting young people finding pathways into local communities that are engaged in justice, personal, and societal transformation. He also works as an outdoor adventure guide and an educator, and currently studies Theology and Arts. Jake is enjoying being recently married to his beautiful wife Kristen and is always interested in a good old fashioned game of chess.

Emily Pompetti

Finance and HR Administration Officer

Emily is passionate about creating community. She loves to see people included and engaged in relationship – particularly those on the outskirts of society. Emily is passionate about intentional discipleship, and about actively developing a culture of connection and belonging amongst young people. Emily joined Urban Seed in 2017, and currently studies Law and Accounting. She loves hearing peoples’ stories, and is always up for a coffee and a good laugh.


Evan Morgan

Bookings Co-ordinator
Youth & Schools Team

Evan is a born and bred Melburnian who loves spending time in the city. During a Diploma of Ministry at Tabor College, Evan was encouraged to participate in the Mission Exposure week with Urban Seed, and followed up with a two year stint busking on Swanston Street, meeting locals and participating in the rhythms of the street. He developed a love of learning about different subcultures in Melbourne, and has contributed to a few of these through music production, performance and event management. Evan loves that Urban Seed has a healthy cricket culture and, on another note, needs studio space in the north, preferably a room 5x5 metres, and will be very satisfied in life when he finds one.


Blythe Toll

Creative Curriculum Co-ordinator
Youth & Schools Team

Blythe has been a part of Urban Seed since 2009, since then she has enjoyed being part of the youth and schools team, working with young people and making them think.  She studied art at uni, and loves doing and making creative things.  She lives in Preston with her husband and daughter.  


Dave Fagg

Bendigo Coordinator

Dave is married to Kylie with whom he has lived and worked among marginalised people since their late teens. They travelled to the USA and South Africa to learn about communities doing grassroots community development before moving to a housing commission area in Bendigo in 2005. Since then, with their new son Shane, they have been involved with the local neighbourhood centre and Seeds Bendigo as well as becoming grandparents to Toby & Amity. Dave thinks aloud on his blog. You can find Dave on Twitter here.

Mike Cutter

Educator - Youth and schools team

Mike is married to Alison and has four kids who are of course the finest people you’ll ever meet. Growing up amongst indigenous communities in Central Australia and then moving to one of the richest suburbs in Melbourne gave him strong opinions about injustice in Australian society, and that’s become focused on building community amongst young people. Mike serves Urban Seed by managing our IT and educating young people for our Youth & Schools department. Easily bored, Mike is also a youth worker for Hawthorn West Baptist Church (www.hwbc.org.au), manages an under-18s venue SUB (www.sub.org.au), has a sideline in graphic & web design and is studying child & adolescent mental health!



Educator - Youth and Schools Team 

G’day, my name’s Michael. My passion for community development work is quite young and when I found out about the residential program, I was thrilled! I started volunteering with Urban Seed back in 2012 and then as a resident. I feel extremely privileged to work alongside a group of passionate individuals who care for those experiencing disadvantage. My interests include video games, film and music. Originally hailing from East St Kilda, I have also lived abroad in Vietnam, Burma and The Netherlands, with my parents and older sister. I am also studying a youth work diploma through Praxis this year.


Educator - Youth and Schools Team 

Maddie joined Urban Seed in 2017 and is excited about the potential of young people and their drive for social change. She has studied International Development, and worked in the education and refugee settlement sectors, both in Australia and internationally. Restless at heart, she can usually be found on an outdoors adventure in a different culture or at home with a cup of tea, good book and her dog.