Sherry is an urban gardener, a neighbourhood development worker, and a transplant from Lexington, Kentucky. With her husband, Geoff, and son, Isaac, she lives at Central House in Melbourne's CBD, serving a residential community life together and engaging nearest neighbourhoods for common good initiatives. She graduated from seminary in 2001 with an M.A. in Intercultural Studies and has worked for almost 20 years in inner city mission, alongside people on the margins. She loves plants and books.



Geoff is a photographer, community development worker, and alongside his wife, Sherry, Team Leader at Central House. Originally from Yackandandah he studied criminology at Melbourne Uni, and in 1988 went to the United States to work on his MA in Intercultural Studies. After 18 years in Kentucky he moved with his family back to Australia to love and serve Melbourne's inner city neighbourhood. 




Cherie is wife to Stephen (Furlong) and mother to Charlie and Elwood. Prior to becoming a volunteer resident at 'The Longroom' in Norlane, Cherie enjoyed working as a Teacher's Aide. She loves to bake, read, plan events, laugh out loud, play dress ups with Charlie and shape her surroundings like a Gesamtkunstwerk! She's passionate about walking alongside others with authenticity and compassion. She has a genuine appreciation for people's stories and believes that when you listen to the quiet voices of those who want to be heard, you witness pure acts of kindness. She looks forward to being apart of the 'Urban Seed' community as she walks the next leg of her journey.



Hey, I'm Steve. I live in Norlane. I love food. And I am slowly learning what life is about. I'm a husband to Cherie, a father to Charlie and Elwood and a beginner at both. I'm an introvert, realising I'm an extrovert. I like coffee, especially black coffee (while eating peanut butter on toast). I love being deep in thought; it's like exploring a cave and finding a long lost cave painting. I find politics is quite personal, religion quite radical, and both very spiritual. I see Urban Seed facilitating community; where belonging, healing and hospitality may grow out of relationships, nurtured by love, in the spirit of Christ



My name is David Armstrong. I am 25 years old, I have lived in Geelong fifteen years now and have recently completed a Diploma of Youth Work with Praxis Victoria. This is my third year with the Urban Seed community in Norlane as a mission associate. I am a bit of a pop culture junkie with a particularly deep love for superhero culture and music.  I play drums, bass and a little bit of guitar, and get to as much live music as I can.  I also collect comics, love comedy and enjoy going to a movie or a play. I have been heavily involved with the Uniting Church since I was born and am now an elder at Wesley Uniting Church in Geelong.

Stuart Downie


My name is Stuart Downie. I am 25 years old and this is my second year with Urban Seed. I have joined Norlane as a residential volunteer, and before moving to Norlane I lived in Wodonga where I worked part time stacking shelves at Woolies. I have studied my diploma of Welfare and Community Services and also a Diploma in Christian Studies. I am super excited to be part of the Urban Seed team and look forward to seeing how God will use me and what God will teach me. 

Jaki Tidmas

Residential Volunteer, Norlane

Jaki has been with Urban Seed for nearly 5 years. She has lived in Central House, in Melbourne's CBD, and in 2012 moved to Norlane to learn, live in, and love the neighbourhood and it's Geelong surroundings. She fell in love with the people and the place Norlane is, and her love of the place continues to grow. Jaki is excited to be back on board as a resident, and looking forward to the challenges, good news stories, and food that will come out of this heart felt place of hospitality. 


Laura Boehm

Residential Volunteer, Norlane

Laura has loved jumping deeper into the Longroom community this year. Laura started hanging out at the Longroom, chatting to residents and washing dishes, after moving to Geelong for Uni a few years earlier. She never would have guessed she'd soon get to spend her days sharing in the neighbourhood's story, seeing dreams turn into something real, and making lots of noise and messes with the Longroom kids. Laura is excited to keep learning how communities can work together to make healthy, safe and welcoming spaces for all. Laura just can't get enough of opshops, movies based on true stories, toasting marshmallows on a campfire and alpacas.




Steph started with Urban Seed in 2014 as a resident in the CBD. Since then she has been living in St Albans with her husband Julian and their daughter Skye. Together they are enjoying community living, participating in the rhythms of the neighbourhood and experiencing the beautiful cultural diversity it has to offer. She loves connecting and journeying with local mum's and is excited to see this develop further.



Julian joined the Urban Seed team in 2014 as a city resident. He has since gone on to live and learn in the St Albans community, along with his wife and daughter. In partnership with the BUV he aims to be a positive impact in the lives of his neighbours. So far Julian has been having heaps of fun getting to know the beautiful and unique community of St Albans.


Bernard and Linda Blumel

Residential Team Leaders, Wangaratta

20 years ago Bernard and Linda Blumel immigrated from South Africa with their 2 children, Heidi and Michael. Bernard has worked in sales and marketing. He completed a Masters Degree majoring in Spiritual formation where he first heard about Urban Seed through his facilitator Stephen Said. 

Linda has been a kindergarten teacher and more recently worked in medical administration. 

In July 2016, they joined Urban Seed as community development workers and moved into Swan Court, Wangaratta. 

By living and embedding themselves in the community, Bernard and Linda hope to reduce distance between relationships and develop a greater understanding of needs and opportunities for residents as well as facilitate community.