Credo Cafe Update

Urban Seed’s Credo Café has been a part of the Community Development landscape in Melbourne’s CBD for around 20 years, serving up free meals to anyone and everyone as a way of creating doorways to community and celebrating togetherness. Urban Seed is committed to a process of exploring possible changes to how Credo operates in the City.

Sometimes change is forced upon you, and you have the choice to embrace it and seek the new life, or support things to change well. We are choosing to passionately seek new life.
With that in mind, we are suspending the way we have been doing meals on Tues, Wed, and Sunday until further notice, to give us a chance to stand back and have a think and a talk about what we are called to do in the future. It’s a time of reflection as we shape our future together. You are all invited to enter that process with us. 

Meanwhile, Urban Seed continues to do great things in the City through Outreach, Laneway Cricket, Men's and Women's programs, Arts program, Youth and Schools, Church and Corporate engagement, and the engagement that our Central House residents have with people inhabiting and using the Laneway. And then there's what we are doing in Norlane, St Albans and Wangaratta... it's an exciting time to be a part of this incredible organisation with such a rich history and a future of possibilities. 

Urban Seed is alive and thriving and looking forward to the adventure the future holds for us. 

Come join us as opportunity allows.