A letter from our Norlane Team Leaders to the Arsonist

This is a public letter written on Monday 7 December, the day after a fire was lit at Norlane Baptist Church, where our work in Geelong is based.

Last night you tried to burn down our church. A church that has been active in our neighbourhood for more than 95 years. A church that works with a community development organisation to feed more than 200 people a week and runs programs for people of all ages in our neighbourhood, creating places of belonging and family.

I say tried, not because part of our building is still standing, but because what you didn't realise is that our church doesn't exist in our building, but in the love that we share with each other. And you can't burn down that love.

We will continue to eat together even if we need to meet in our homes and local parks. We will continue to belong to each other and care for one another every day no matter where we are. And the love that we have between us will continue to spread throughout our neighbourhood.

And hopefully one day you will even get the privilege of experiencing some of that love too. Of connecting to a community and having somewhere to belong. And you will realise that love will always spread further than your fire... and it cannot be put out.