Thanks Flora & Frank Leith Charitable Trust!


Urban Seed cannot do what it does without the generous support of many people and organisations. One such organisation is the Flora & Frank Leith Charitable Trust, who have donated $8300 to support the Kids Club in Norlane.

The Urban Seed team in Norlane started the Kids Club last year, as a response to all the children who wanted to connect in at the Norlane Baptist Church. Almost half the people attending the Monday night Longroom community meal were adolescents or children – and many were struggling with issues like broken families, substance abuse, housing issues, bullying or racism.  Local children began arriving at the Longroom an hour before the meal, and we responded by providing arts and craft, games and sport.

In early 2013 we piloted the Kids Club – which thanks to a number of supporters, including the Flora & Frank Charitable Trust, is now able to continue. We aim to break the cycle of disadvantage by supporting local primary-aged children to develop into positive, resilient leaders. The team provides a loving, supportive environment on Thursday afternoons, where kids are growing and learning by having fun. Local adolescents are getting involved by becoming junior leaders, and parents have jumped on board by preparing dinner for the children afterwards.

Flora & Frank Leith were a couple who wanted to make an impact in the lives of children, partly because they had no children of their own. In their will, they set up this trust, which – 40 years on – is continuing to change the lives of children and families who are experiencing disadvantage.  

Thank you Flora & Frank for your incredible generosity and foresight, and to the wonderful people who diligently administer the fund today.