Conscience on Collins 2012 wrapup and podcast

Conscience on Collins 2012 was a great success, focussing on the theme of social inclusion under the title, "Who's in? Who's out? Who decides?" Panel members represented issues of asylum seekers, marriage equality, indigenous issues and disability.

Tim Costello did a magnificent job as moderator of directing discussion amongst the panel members, throwing in some challenging questions and drawing themes together. Julian Burnside made passionate advocacy for more engaged democracy and fairer treatment for asylum seekers. Gordon Preece was an irenic and intelligent voice on Christian ethics, while Rodney Croome's gentle and heartfelt words moved the audience. The exchanges between Gordon and Rodney modelled respectful ways forward in the marriage equality debate. Anne Manne did a fantastic job of tying the diverse issues together, emphasizing the importance of initiatives like the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Grant Paulsonhad some of the most memorable lines of the night, communicating issues of indigenous Australians with sensitivity and resolve.

Thanks to all who contributed to making the night a success, from organising to sound to food provision.

You can download the podcast from here (127 mb) or stream it on Soundcloud below.