A story of healing

Debbie is a single mother of 5 who is a part of the Norlane/Corio neighbourhood. Debbie first came into contact with Urban Seed in Norlane after hearing about a new Kids Club that was starting in term 2 of 2013. What began as an after school activity for her two youngest sons, soon turned into a weekly family event as Debbie began to regularly help out in the kitchen and her older teenage daughters became Junior Leaders in the program.

From the moment Debbie entered the Longroom community, she was overwhelmed by how friendly, caring and accepting everyone was.  The way her kids were all accepted as kids, that her older daughters were given responsibility, made her realise that this was a place where she felt at home as a part of a community.

In September last year, Debbie’s world came crashing down. On her way back to her car after dropping her niece home from Kids Club one Thursday night, a drunk driver ran into her car causing her to be knocked off her feet and sent metres through the air. Whilst her kids watched from the car, Debbie lay unconscious as her sister and mother called the ambulance. They didn’t know if she was alive or if she was going to make it.  Debbie was rushed to hospital in Melbourne and was placed on life support. The waiting began. At this point, Debbie’s community gathered strongly around her, with prayer, support and practical support.

Miraculously, Debbie woke up with no more than a badly injured knee. The doctors involved in Debbie’s case were blown away, as they had been expecting much worse. Today, less that 6 months on, Debbie is fully recovered. 

Debbie’s story is one of transformation and healing. However it is not only her physical body that was healed. Her healing began long before her accident when she became a part of a community where she felt she belonged, where she felt she could contribute, and safe place for her kids to be themselves.