Food for Thought..

I’m in my second month as CEO of the Urban Seed Community and I continue to learn a whole lot. One of the learning modules for me is in the area of hospitality and the Credo Community has been teaching me well. The Credo Community is made up of people from all different types of backgrounds and nearly all of them have been doing life tough. Those who have been around Credo for a while have caught the culture really well and they live it convincingly. Let me tell you one story to illustrate:

I joined the Credo community for a BBQ on the Yarra a couple of weeks ago. I was standing with one of the men, chatting as he was turning the sausages and grilling the chops. An elderly lady came up to us with a young girl I presume was her granddaughter and asked for a chop. This lady was obviously not homeless nor did she appear to be from any of the more vulnerable groups that make up the Credo Community. I caught myself thinking (fortunately not saying!) ‘What is this person doing, encroaching on our BBQ?!’ My friend with the spatula said ‘yep, no worries’ and put some chops on their plates. He also told them where they could get salad and welcomed them like they belonged. I didn’t think any more of it.

Later I was sitting at the table finishing off the chop I had received and one of the Credo kids asked ‘How come we gave that old lady some of our food?’ The man sitting next to me instantly said ‘because we do hospitality here. That’s what we do! If some one asks us for something we give it to them. That’s what we’re all on about here.’ The Credo kid smiled a smile of acknowledgement as if to say ‘yeah, of course we are’ and her world made sense. As for me, I sat there thinking I know who the most Godly person is here at the table and it sure isn’t me’. I had been taught a very good lesson. I hope it sticks.

Urban Seed talks a lot about hospitality and how important it is. What I have experienced over the last few weeks is that they also walk the talk. It sure is a privilege to be amongst this great group of people.  I’m learning a lot about walking the talk. Food for thought?