Melbourne CBD

Urban Seed has been gathering around food in Melbourne CBD for over 20 years. During that time, Melbourne's CBD has undergone some big shifts, and we're excited to re-imagine how we can continue to respond to our neighbours. In 2018 we will be launching 'The Green Room', an indoor urban farm at the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, built on the values of generosity, hospitality, sustainability, education, interdependence and beauty; incorporating place-making and community development.

Currently our CBD programs consist of:

Credo Art Beat

The Credo Art Beat project courageously creates a space where the broken pieces of our lives are transformed into works of beauty and wholeness. On Wednesdays members of the Credo community gather to engage in the creative arts, in an afternoon session from 2 - 3:30pm. The group paints, draws, drums, sculpts, creates music, writes poetry, makes laneway art and more. We celebrate and showcase our art through exhibitions and performance evenings.

Cassidy’s Place and the 'Most Liveable City?' campaign

Cassidy's Place is a group advocating for more affordable housing in Melbourne. Made up of people who have experienced homelessness or housing stress, Cassidy's Place is about using the power we have to make change. Cassidy's Place is partnering with other community groups, organisations, faith groups and housing experts to 'turn the dial' on affordable housing in Melbourne. We are using a 'community organising' approach to bring the people to the decision-makers, and create a Melbourne that really is 'the most liveable city' in the world. Contact for more information.