Faith Engagement at Urban Seed

Urban Seed engages with churches across Melbourne and Victoria to help them explore how God might be calling them into transformative relationships with people on the margins.
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Journey to the Margins
Spend some time looking at Melbourne CBD through the lens of Mark's Gospel. How can Jesus' story change the way we see our neighbours and our neighbourhood? This walk focuses on the first half of Mark's Gospel, where Jesus is taking the disciples to see what is going on at the edges of their society. Participants are challenged to think about who is included and excluded in the Melbourne CBD and in their own neighbourhoods.
Journey to the Centre
Following on from Journey to the Margins, this walk focuses on the second half of Mark's Gospel, where Jesus is taking the disciples to confront the powers at the centre of their society. This walk covers a larger area that Journey to the Margins (including the New York end of Collins Street and Southbank) culminating at Crown Casino and finishing with communion.
Mapping the Gospel in Your Neighbourhood
Journey to the Margins and Journey to the Centre are most worthwhile when they are followed up by a story-mapping workshop in your own neighbourhood. We can come to your neighbourhood and help you think about what the stories of Jesus might look like if they happened in your area, and how you might follow Jesus in responding to neighbours who are experiencing disadvantage.
Laneway Labyrinth
Laneway Labyrinth is an opportunity for contemplative prayer and discernment while walking through Melbourne's streets and lanes. We are also available to come and lead these walks in other neighbourhoods.

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Strangers are Fiction
This is a course for Christian groups who are interested in learning from how Jesus practises hospitality, combining Bible study and getting to know your neighbours. Find out more here.

City of Heaven or City from Hell?
This is a handout that you can use to conduct your own 'City of Heaven or City from Hell?' walk in your own city or your own local neighbourhood. Download it here.