an empty chair at credo

It was just a week ago today that we learned the sad news that a member of our credo community had died.  Laurence Richards - Laurie - was a part of the Credo community for many years and will be greatly missed. He had a great heart and was always keen to help with the mopping and often opened up his home to people who were sleeping rough, even though it sometimes got him into trouble.  He had a wicked sense of humour and always had a great story to tell about.  

Back in the day Laurie played a big part in Melbourne’s music scene.  Beat magazine has written him an obituary here.  One of my last memories of Laurie was a very special moment in Credo.  We were just about to eat and say ‘Grace’ when Laurie piped up; “Can I interrupt? I just want to say this place, is the best. It’s my favourite place.  Thank you.  I wont go on or I will embarrass myself.”

I am glad to have shared a home with Laurie, and I am glad he found a home with us.  There will be an empty chair at our table.    

[Here's an interview with Laurie from 1981 in The Age]