Who do you have lunch with?  Everyday at Urban Seed, we hold a free lunch in Credo Cafe, full of  people who once were strangers.  This somewhat ‘random’ collection of people are made up of  homeless people to CEO’s.  All sharing a free lunch around one table.  

What happens when you share a meal with someone? Apart from eating, you chat, and begin to get to know someone.  At our table at Credo quickly you discover that people are just people  - be they homeless or business man.  And that strangers are fiction.  

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL7ndRZjiXQ]

We want to invite you to have lunch with someone you don’t know, and discover for yourself that Strangers are Fiction.  So why not throw a party, share a meal, or hold an event – and invite your friends, family PLUS at least one person you don’t know very well.  It only takes four easy steps to create a Strangers are Fiction meal: Look, Invite, Eat, Share!

  Look around your neighbourhood, school, workplace or church.  Who would you like to get to know?

  Invite your friends, family, and someone new!

  Throw a party, share a meal, have a picnic.

  Tell us your story, send us your pics!