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Few things make me happier at Christmas time than sharing a home cooked dinner with my family on Christmas eve. The joy of everyone pitching in, the laughter and jokes as we fumble around the kitchen, and the joy of a table full of friends and food. 

I wonder if you've had moments during the Christmas season that have given you joy?

This Christmas season, we want everyone to feel the joy of home and community. 

Imagine feeling isolated and alone at Christmas. Imagine having nowhere to call home. 

Unfortunately this is the reality for thousands of Australians. 

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Australians like Michael. 
Last year Michael found himself homeless. Alone.

I can't even imagine spending a Christmas completely alone.

Disconnected from family and without any social support, Michael was able to find a new home at the Swan Court Housing estate in Wangaratta. 

With support from the Urban Seed Wangaratta Team, things began turning around for Michael over the next few weeks. For the first time in months Michael was able to get the support he needed. Able to begin processing past hurts. Able to reconnect with his family.

Thanks to people like you, Michael got the support he needed to find home, repair relationships, and change his life. 

Through your generous donations, we are able to continue our life changing work in Wangaratta, Norlane, St Albans, and Melbourne’s CBD. 

Over the following months, Michael continued joining in with the life of the Urban Seed community. With a new sense of pride and purpose, Michael began volunteering in the community garden, rekindling his passion for gardening and agriculture.

Through self belief and support from neighbours and the Urban Seed Team, Michael enrolled in his Certificate III of agriculture, and we are now working with him to gain employment doing what he loves. 

This Christmas season we are thankful for Michael. We are thankful that Michael has found home, friendship, family, and purpose. We are thankful that Michael’s life has been transformed. 

Will you partner with us this Christmas season as we continue our life changing work in neighbourhoods across Victoria?

Because everyone needs a place to belong this Christmas.