Dear Urban Seed family, below is a very important update on Urban Seed coming to an end, and the new life of our localised communities and their neighbourhood work.

The Board of Urban Seed recently concluded a strategic review of the operational sustainability of the organisation, this review was commissioned following some challenging years, and the recognition that Urban Seed was seeking to become more sustainable. 

As our Board engaged in this review, the ultimate focus kept returning to how Urban Seed might continue to make the greatest impact in the communities that we live and work in. Through our incarnational, placemaking work, our Urban Seed sites form a foundational relationship within their communities. It is out of these relationships that wholeness and healing come. 

As our review progressed, it became evident that placemaking relationships were very powerful at a local level, whether they be amongst staff, neighbours, with funders, or local faith based communities, which meant we needed to ask the question ‘are we working against the grain of what is happening naturally?’

As the review explored this in more detail, it was felt that Urban Seed was at the right juncture to come to an end, and for our local placemaking communities to move towards a localised model, allowing this work to flourish and grow organically. At the same time, some of our experienced placemakers also felt this would be the natural next step. In order to allow these communities to flourish and grow, the Board felt it was appropriate for Urban Seed’s season to come to an end and enable these new communities to establish themselves and ensure they have the best possible start as new entities while building on the relationships they have been cultivating.

In addition, our Youth and Schools team which has had a significant impact educating schools, corporates and churches over many years, has also been exploring the opportunity of being a standalone entity. This team has been operating as a social enterprise for some years and this work, along with partnering with the Credo Community (Art Group and Film Club) will also continue as we move forward.

While there is always some sadness with changing seasons, we do not lose sight of what Urban Seed has achieved over more than two decades and the positive impact it has made over this time, nor for the people that have been part of Urban Seed and for the way they have been shaped and what they have gone on to do. We are also very excited for the new communities and social enterprises that will emerge, along with the legacy we are all sure they will leave.

There remain some details still to be worked through, and our focus is on supporting these new entities as they establish themselves, while we bring our season to a close. We will be working with our staff, communities, funders and members as we transition through this period.

We are so grateful for the support that we have received over the years. For all those that have shared a meal with us, everyone who has volunteered with us, lived as a resident with us, and financially supported us. Your contribution has allowed us to transform our neighbourhoods, and create places where everyone belongs. We ask that going forwards, you will continue to partner with one of our local communities as they continue their life-changing work. 


P.S Click on each location to find out more about our local communities in Norlane, Melbourne's CBD, and Wangaratta, and our Youth and Schools EducationIf you would like to be contacted in regards to continuing your support for one of these local communities, please email, with your name, best contact number, and which site you would like to contact you.

Please note: If we don't hear from you, all recurring payments will be ceased during December 2017.