An Urban Studies Centre

From Urban Studies Centre Manager Andreana Reale…

“Good community development work isn’t a straight line, where you decide on what to do, do it and then tick it off at the end. Good community development work is actually more like a circle, where you give something a go, pause and reflect on how it went, and then have another go. 

Urban Seed is committed to good community development work – not just the ‘doing’, but the ‘pausing and reflecting’. It’s the ‘pausing and reflecting’ that our new Urban Studies Centre, launched October this year, will be focusing on. The idea is to have a space where we are intentionally reflecting deeply on the work we do, and investigating the wider context in which we work.

The first thing we did was put on a conference, in October this year! Ash Barker (formerly UNOH), as our Scholar in Residence, set Urban Seed’s very first conference into motion, and from there we ended up with a pretty fabulous event. We hosted dozens of conversations, led by emerging and established thinkers and practitioners in the area of urban mission. 

Going forward, we hope the centre will be a bridge between the thinkers and the doers. We want the very best scholarship impacting on the very best practice.

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